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Peer-reviewed Publications

Assessment of Streamflow from EURO-CORDEX Regional Climate Simulations in Semi-Arid Catchments Using the SWAT Model

A Martínez-Salvador, A Millares-Valenzuela, JPC Eekhout and C Conesa-García

Sustainability 13 (13): 7120, 2021

Nitrogen dynamics in cropping systems under Mediterranean climate: a systemic analysis

L Lassaletta, A Sanz-Cobeña, E Aguilera, M Quemada, GF Billen, A Bondeau, ML Cayuela, W Cramer, JPC Eekhout, J Garnier, B Grizzetti, DS Intrigliolo, E Romero, M Ruiz-Ramos, A Vallejo and BS Gimeno

Environmental Research Letters 16 (7): 073002, 2021

A process-based soil erosion model ensemble to assess model uncertainty in climate change impact assessments

JPC Eekhout, A Millares-Valenzuela, A Martínez-Salvador, R García-Lorenzo, P Pérez-Cutillas, C Conesa-García and J de Vente

Land Degradation & Development 32 (7): 2409-2422, 2021

Macroinvertebrate taxonomical and trait-based responses to large wood re-introduction in lowland streams

JHF De Brouwer, PFM Verdonschot, JPC Eekhout and RCM Verdonschot

Freshwater Science 39 (4): 2020

Wood-induced backwater in lowland streams

TJ Geertsema, PJJF Torfs, JPC Eekhout, AJ Teuling and AJF Hoitink

River Research and Applications 36 (7): 1171-1182, 2020

The impact of reservoir construction and changes in land use and climate on ecosystem services in a large Mediterranean catchment

JPC Eekhout, C Boix-Fayos, P Pérez Cutillas and J de Vente

Journal of Hydrology 590: 125208, 2020

Mountain ecosystem services affected by land use changes and hydrological control works in Mediterranean catchments

C Boix-Fayos, L Boerboom, R Janssen, M Martínez‐Mena, M Almagro, P Pérez-Cutillas, JPC Eekhout, VM Castillo and J de Vente

Ecosystem Services 44: 101136, 2020

Dimensionless morphological ratios versus stream power variations at bankfull stage in an ephemeral channel

C Conesa-García, P Pérez-Cutillas, R García-Lorenzo, JPC Eekhout, A Gómez-Gutiérrez, A Millares and A Martínez-Salvador

Geomorphology 361: 107199, 2020

How soil erosion model conceptualization affects soil loss projections under climate change

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

Progress in Physical Geography 44 (2): 212-232, 2020

The implications of bias-correction methods and climate model ensembles on soil erosion projections under climate change

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 44 (5): 1137-1147, 2019

Assessing the effectiveness of Sustainable Land Management for large-scale climate change adaptation

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

Science of The Total Environment 654: 85-93, 2019

Why increased extreme precipitation under climate change negatively affects water security

JPC Eekhout, JE Hunink, W Terink and J de Vente

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 22 (11): 5935-5946, 2018

Assessing the large-scale impacts of environmental change using a coupled hydrology and soil erosion model

JPC Eekhout, W Terink and J de Vente

Earth Surface Dynamics 6 (3): 687-703, 2018

Flow thresholds for leaf retention in hydrodynamic wakes downstream of obstacles

JHF de Brouwer, JPC Eekhout, AA Besse-Lototskaya, AJF Hoitink, CJF Ter Braak and PFM Verdonschot

Ecohydrology 10 (7): e1883, 2017

Hydrological Modelling using Satellite-Based Crop Coefficients: A Comparison of Methods at the Basin Scale

JE Hunink, JPC Eekhout, J de Vente, S Contreras, P Droogers and A Baille

Remote Sensing 9 (2): 174, 2017

Morphological assessment of reconstructed lowland streams in the Netherlands

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink, JHF de Brouwer and PFM Verdonschot

Advances in Water Resources 81: 161-171, 2015

Chute cutoff as a morphological response to stream reconstruction: The possible role of backwater

JPC Eekhout and AJF Hoitink

Water Resources Research 51 (5): 3339-3352, 2015

Morphodynamic regime change in a reconstructed lowland stream

JPC Eekhout, RGA Fraaije and AJF Hoitink

Earth Surface Dynamics 2: 279-293, 2014

Field experiment on alternate bar development in a straight sand-bed stream

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink and E Mosselman

Water Resources Research 49 (12): 8357–8369, 2013

Historical analysis indicates seepage control on initiation of meandering

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink and B Makaske

Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 38 (8): 888–897, 2013

Conference proceedings

Assessing the effectiveness of Sustainable Land Management for large-scale climate change adaptation

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

Proceedings Global Symposium on Soil Erosion: 410-414, 2019

Field-scale experiment on migrating bar dynamics: preliminary analysis

JPC Eekhout and AJF Hoitink

River Flow 2012: Proceedings of the sixth edition of the international conference on fluvial hydraulics: 623-627, San Jose, Costa Rica, September 5-7, 2012

Field-scale experiment of migrating bar behavior: preliminary analysis

JPC Eekhout and AJF Hoitink

EUROMECH Colloquium 523, Ecohydraulics: linkages between hydraulics, morphodynamics and ecological processes in rivers: 207-211, Clermont-Ferrand, France, June 15-17, 2011

Manuscripts In Preparation

Evaluating hillslope-channel connectivity from physically-based modeling at the event scale in a dryland catchment, southern Spain (under review)

A Millares-Valenzuela, JPC Eekhout, A Martínez-Salvador, R García-Lorenzo, P Pérez-Cutillas and C Conesa-García


Measurements and modeling of cross-shore morphodynamics

JPC Eekhout

Twente University: 90 p., 2008


United Nations World Water Development Report 2020: Water and Climate Change

UNESCO, UN-Water (as contributing author)

UNESCO, Paris: 235 p., 2020

SPHY v3.0: Spatial Processes in Hydrology

W Terink, JPC Eekhout, W Immerzeel, A Lutz and G Simons

FutureWater: 105 p., 2020

Land Degradation (Chapter 4). In: Climate Change and Land: an IPCC special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems

L Olsson, H Barbosa, S Bhadwal, A Cowie, K Delusca, D Flores-Renteria, K Hermans, E Jobbagy, W Kurz, D Li, DJ Sonwa and L Stringer (as contributing author)

IPCC special report: 92 p., 2019

LANDSIM-Regional: hands-on training tutorial

G Simons and JPC Eekhout

FutureWater: 21 p., 2019

Satellite-based altimetry data for hydrological assessments

JE Hunink, JPC Eekhout, J de Vente, S Contreras and GWH Simons

FutureWater Report 194: 35 p., 2019

Morfodynamiek van Nederlandse laaglandbeken

JPC Eekhout and AJF Hoitink

STOWA 2014-15: 92 p., 2014

Beekdalbreed hermeanderen: Bouwstenen voor de 'Leidraad voor innovatief beek- en beekdalherstel'

PFM Verdonschot, AA Besse-Lototskaya, JHF de Brouwer, JPC Eekhout and RGA Fraaije

STOWA 2012-36: 92 p., 2012

Popular Scientific Articles

Veldexperiment in de Hooge Raam: winst voor beekherstel en landschap

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink, E Mosselman, M Kits and M Talsma

H2O 20 (2): 2014

Morfologische aanpassing na beekherstel — casestudie Lunterse Beek

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink, C Huising and M Talsma

H2O: 2014

Het Geldernsch-Nierskanaal: hoe een recht kanaal gaat meanderen als gevolg van kwel

JPC Eekhout, AJF Hoitink, B Makaske and M Talsma

H2O: 2013