About Me

I’m a postdoctoral researcher with a Juan de la Cierva fellowship in the Soil and Water Conservation Research Group in CEBAS-CSIC (Murcia, Spain). Currently, I focus on the impact of climate change and landuse change on hydrology and soil erosion in Mediterranean environments. In the past years, I have developed a coupled hydrology-soil erosion model (SPHY-MMF), which I have applied in the Segura River catchment. The model is written in the Python language and makes use of the PC-Raster framework. I did my PhD research at Wageningen University (The Netherlands), which focussed on morphodynamics of lowland streams. During my PhD I surveyed several lowland streams using GPS-equipment. Data obtained from the field I analysed in Matlab, which I used to analyse data since my MSc thesis at Twente University. Since 2015, I started using R as the main software tool to analyse data. In 2014 I started to become interested in web design. I have made several websites, for instance the current website of my research group.



2015 - present
As a postdoctoral researcher I focus on regional-scale soil erosion and hydrology. I have developed a new process-based soil erosion model written in Python and PC-Raster.

Web Development

2014 - present
I have specialized in responsive web design, which includes HTML5, CSS3, SASS, WordPress and Hugo.
Photo of PhD Defence Joris Eekhout

Wageningen University

2009 - 2014
The topic of my PhD research was morphological processes in lowland streams. During my period as a PhD student I gained experience in performing field work, analysing data in Matlab and setting up and running hydraulic models, such as Delft3D.
Photo of MSc Defence Joris Eekhout

Twente University

2000 - 2008
I did both my Bachelor and Master studies at Twente University, the Netherlands. I studied Civil Engineering and Management, with a specialization in Water Engineering and Management.


Joris Eekhout

Aug 17, 2018

hugo, sass, css3

The current website is made in the static site generator Hugo. I got inspiration from the blogdown R-package, which uses Hugo to generate the website. Hugo is especially convenient when the website consists of lists, such as publications, presentations and projects. Besides, I did a course on Advanced CSS and SASS, which gave me inspiration for the design of the website.

Joris Eekhout

Oct 25, 2016

wordpress, php, javascript

This was the first version of my personal website. I made the website in WordPress using the Simone theme. A child theme of Simone I used in the other WordPress sites. In this website I also developed the timeline which is currently also shown on my current website.

Paleo Pixels

Mar 10, 2016

wordpress, php, javascript

I made this website a good friend who started as a freelance 3D artist. The website was made in WordPress. I developed a project page, which uses information from individual projects to create an overview page.

Soil and Water Conservation Research Group

Jan 29, 2016

wordpress, php, javascript

I made this website for the group where I’m currently working. I designed and developed the website with the help of 2 collegues (Carolina Boix-Fayos and Joris de Vente). I still maintain the website and regularly post news updates. I developed a staff page, which uses information from individual staff members to create an overview page.