Nature Based Solutions to mitigate the devastating impacts from extreme weather and climate change (XTREME)

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have the potential to be a cost-effective climate change adaptation strategy. This project aimed to assess their potential in a large semi-arid catchment in southeast Spain. The most suitable NBS were selected using a stakeholder consultation approach. We developed a channel module for the SPHY model, which aimed to assess the potential of stream restoration as a NBS. Furthermore, other NBS were implemented on the hillslopes, which showed how NBS can mitigate future flood events.

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Global impact of climate change on soil erosion and potential for adaptation through soil conservation

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

Earth-Science Reviews 226: 103921, 2022

Nitrogen dynamics in cropping systems under Mediterranean climate: a systemic analysis

L Lassaletta, A Sanz-Cobeña, E Aguilera, M Quemada, GF Billen, A Bondeau, ML Cayuela, W Cramer, JPC Eekhout, J Garnier, B Grizzetti, DS Intrigliolo, E Romero, M Ruiz-Ramos, A Vallejo and BS Gimeno

Environmental Research Letters 16 (7): 073002, 2021

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IAHS Scientific Assembly, Montpellier, France

May 30-June 3, 2022

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