Hydrology and erosion model development and application for evaluation of altimeter data to support model calibration

In this technical support contract I acted along with Joris de Vente as co-IP. In this project we studied the feasibility of using reservoir altimeter data from remote sensing to calibrate hydrological models. We applied the proposed method in a small subcatchment of the Segura River catchment. The results were published in a report, see below. Furthermore, in this project we updated the SPHY model code, which is published as SPHY v3.0. The model can be downloaded from the SPHY Github repository. The new model code includes two new modules (soil erosion and sediment transport) and improvements related to glacier processes, plant water stress, open-water evaporation and surface runoff. Furthermore, the structure of the model was changed to facilitate future model development.

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W Terink, JPC Eekhout, W Immerzeel, A Lutz and G Simons

FutureWater: 105 p., 2020

Satellite-based altimetry data for hydrological assessments

JE Hunink, JPC Eekhout, J de Vente, S Contreras and GWH Simons

FutureWater Report 194: 35 p., 2019

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JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

SPHY-model User Day, Wageningen, The Netherlands

March 18, 2019

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