Preparation of dedicated training material on the SPHY-MMF hydrology and erosion model for professionals from Madagascar

In this technical support contract I acted along with Joris de Vente as co-IP. In collaboration with FutureWater we prepared a manual and tutorial to apply the SPHY-MMF model in Madagascar. I specifically focused on the sensitivity analysis and calibration of the model. During the training I gave a presentation on the application of Sustainable Land Management scenarios in the Segura River catchment in southeast Spain.

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LANDSIM-Regional: hands-on training tutorial

G Simons and JPC Eekhout

FutureWater: 21 p., 2019

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Assessing the effectiveness of Sustainable Land Management for large-scale climate change adaptation

JPC Eekhout and J de Vente

LANDSIM-Regional Hands-On Training, Wageningen, The Netherlands

July 17-30, 2019

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