Respuesta Morfológica y Sistemática al Cambio Climático en Cauces Efímeros Mediterráneos: Dinámica, Resiliencia y Propuestas de Actuación (CCAMICEM)

Through a collaboration with the University of Murcia I participated in this project, which focuses on Mediterranean ephemeral channels. The project was performed at a range of temporal and spatial scales, which included field surveys, analysis of remote sensing data and modelling. The impact of climate change was analysed, focusing on morphological channel processes, such as incision, narrowing and plant colonization. I contributed with a study on the impact of climate change on soil erosion in the Alta Mula catchment. Here, we applied an ensemble of five continuous process-based soil erosion models to account for model uncertainty under climate change. The model code is available through GitHub.

Related Publications

A process-based soil erosion model ensemble to reduce model uncertainty in climate change impact assessments (in preparation)

JPC Eekhout, A Millares-Valenzuela, A Martínez-Salvador, R García-Lorenzo, P Pérez-Cutillas, C Conesa-García and J de Vente

Dimensionless morphological ratios versus stream power variations at bankfull stage in an ephemeral channel

C Conesa-García, P Pérez-Cutillas, R García-Lorenzo, JPC Eekhout, A Gómez-Gutiérrez, A Millares and A Martínez-Salvador

Geomorphology 361: 107199, 2020

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