Evaluating climate change adaptation through Sustainable Land Management and its impacts on Mediterranean ecosystem services (ADAPT)

In 2015 I started as a postdoctoral researcher at the Soil and Water Conservation Research Group at CEBAS-CSIC. We studied the catchment-scale impact of climate change on hydrology and soil erosion in a semi-arid Mediterranean catchment. Next, we studied climate change adaptation through large scale implementation of Sustainable Land Management (SLM). During this project we developed a new proces-based soil erosion model. We coupled an existing soil erosion model (Morgan-Morgan-Finney) to a hydrological model (SPHY). The model code of the new model can be downloaded here.

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JPC Eekhout, J de Vente

Science of The Total Environment 654: 85-93, 2019

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Sustainable Land Management potential for climate change adaptation in Mediterranean environments: a regional scale assessment

JPC Eekhout, J de Vente

Erosion Modelling Workshop, Ispra, Italy

March 20-22, 2017

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The impact of climate change and sustainable land management based adaptation on hydrology and soil erosion of a large semiarid catchment

JPC Eekhout, J de Vente, W Terink

EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria

April 17-22, 2016

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